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Air Purifier

1.      MC70LVM (Streamer Technology Air Purifier)

The streamer technology air purifier, a blend of new technology, improved performance, & ultra quiet operation, it is designed to care for you by unobtrusively providing purified air to produce a healthy home environment. Purified air improves the perception of comfort &, by removing & destroying contaminants & odours, the streamer technology air purifier also plays an essential role for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. These efforts place the streamer technology air purifier among the best residential air purifiers on the market today.

Three times purification:

a.       Allergen removal

b.      Virus & bacteria removal

c.       Odour  removal

Six-Layer powerful decomposition & removal configuration:

a.       Stylish design

b.      Improved performance

c.       Unprecedented comfort

d.      Super quiet operation

e.      Easy to maintain

f.        Portable

g.       No installation


2.      MCK75J (Humidification & Purification)

There are many substances in the air you breathe such as allergen, bacteria, virus & tobacco smoke, which causes your health to suffer. Above all things, dryness is especially a big issue during wintertime.

Daikin Ururu Air Purifier moisturizes the air inside your home & relieves the effects of dry air. Just fill the 4L tank occasionally & it will humidify your room with a maximum volume of 600ml/h.

This useful & innovative function stems from the incorporation of a slim line water tank & combined water wheel & vaporization filter assembly.

·         Humidification thanks to the slim water tank

·         Air purification

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