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VRV System

·         Versatile and high comfort solution

        A VRV® represents Daikin’s ultimate technology in climate comfort and energy efficiency for small to large-sized offices, hotels or other commercial facilities, providing year round heating and cooling.
Daikin invented the revolutionary VRV® (Variable Refrigerant Volume) technology in 1982. Now, Daikin has taken its flagship product to new heights, with innovations such as water-cooled VRV®WIII, Heat Recovery systems, systems for cold climates (VRV® III-C)

·         Higher capacity, comfort and efficiency

Because Daikin’s VRV® systems circulate just the required amount of refrigerant volume – hence the name ‘Variable Refrigerant Volume’ – different rooms can simultaneously enjoy different temperatures. Another first, Daikin’s inverter technology, allows the system to adjust the power needed to actual requirements. This ensures maximum comfort (temperature fluctuations are minimized) and maximum efficiency (no unnecessary energy-consuming starts and stops). Ultimately, this results in minimum operating costs!
Since its introduction, Daikin has been able to offer an ever larger field of applications for VRV® - from small shops to multi-storey skyscrapers - while also increasing safety, installation ease and maintenance.






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