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RCC is said to be distributor for DAIKIN INDUSTRIES LTD. Japanese Air-conditioning in Lebanon since 1986. On 2010 RCC has been appointed as a regional Distributor to market and sell Daikin branded air conditioning equipment and related spare parts for customers.

RCC is also authorized to perform maintenance, repair and after sales services on any Daikin branded air conditioning equipment installed in Lebanon.

DAIKIN Air condition is pioneer in the field and works to create optimal atmospheres year round, and opens new possibilities by solving problems and making previously difficult presentation techniques commonplace. In DAIKIN divisions, they continuously seek new applications for our skills, building on past successes for a vibrant tomorrow.

Zero defect policy:

Daikin manufacturing operations are based on an integrated zero defect policy, which requires production line workers to carry out controls and tests at predetermined stages in the assembly cycle. Also, Daikin suppliers must adhere to strict and predetermined contractual obligations in terms of quality supplying, installing and just-in-time delivery.






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